Kai Olsson Photo Gallery, page 2

Young Longdancer

A youthful Longdancer in 1972
Left to right: Kai Olsson, Steve Sproxton, Dave Stewart, Brian Harrison
from the Sunderland Echo

Longdancer, 1973

Longdancer in 1973
Steve Sproxton, Dave Stewart, Kai Olsson, Brian Harrison

This was probably a promo photo issued by Rocket Records to coincide with the release of If It Was So Simple.
It accompanied an article about the group in the Sunderland Echo, March 3, 1973


Advertisement for If It Was So Simple, 1973
This appeared years later in the book Eurythmics: The Definitive Biography

Kai grinning, 1979

1979, promo photo for Chrysalis Records

Kai with guitar, 1979

1979, another promo photo for Chrysalis Records

Thank you, Mary, for all the photos!

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