Kai Olsson
Kai, 1979
Kai in 1979, from his album Crazy Love

Kai Olsson was one of the founding members of the folk/pop band Longdancer, the first band
to be signed to Elton John's Rocket Record Company in 1973. He wrote four songs for their first album,
If It Was So Simple, and his distinctive voice can be heard on every track.
Personality conflicts with co-founder Dave Stewart (later of the Eurythmics) led to Kai leaving the band
before their second album (Trailer for a Good Life) in 1974, but he released his own album on EMI Records
the following year called Once In a While, on which he was backed by his brother Nigel,
along with Dee Murray, Mick Grabham, and Tim Renwick, among others.

In 1979, Kai released the album Crazy Love on Chrysalis Records,
which featured some of his best songwriting since his days with Longdancer.
Kai is currently working on new material in the Longdancer vein,
which is wonderful news to all of us who still love and cherish his records all these years later.

As of August 20th, 1999: Page 2 of the Photo Gallery
all black and white photos from the 70s.

As of May 13th, 1999: Photo Gallery!
UPDATED July 7th.

UPDATE June 14, 2001:
Nigel Olsson's Move the Universe, featuring Kai on a very lively version of McGuinness Flint's "When I'm Dead An' Gone," will be released in Japan only at this time on July 4th, 2001. You can pre-order the album at any of these sites: CDJapan, CDEurope, or Gemm.

UPDATE November 2000:
Kai will be performing an old McGuinness Flint song on his brother Nigel's forthcoming album, which should be released in 2001. Go to The Nigel Olsson Fan Club site for more information. I'll keep you informed of the release date.

April 5, 2000:
Congratulations to Kai and Mary on the birth of their new son!

March 1, 2000:
Kai's been gigging a lot, and recently had a nice article written about him in the Country Gazette. I was asked to help him remember some of his past musical history before he was interviewed last October, but the interviewer managed to make a few mistakes with dates. Still, it's a good peice. Bravo, Kai! Go HERE to read it.

September 17, 1999
Kai is playing at the Audubon Society's Fall Festival in Norfolk (see below) tomorrow. He will also be appearing at Barnes & Noble on October 2nd, and Betsy's on October 23rd.

August 20, 1999:
Once again, Kai is playing at the Bistro tonight, on the eve of his 46th birthday. Happy Birthday, Kai!!
Kai will also be playing at the Audubon Society's Fall Festival, more news on that when I receive it.

July 9, 1999:
Kai is playing another gig at the Bistro tonight. Knock 'em dead, Kai!

May 22, 1999
Kai played at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Stony Brook Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, MA.

May 10, 1999
The gig was a huge success, and another has been booked.

March 21, 1999
Just chatted with Kai, who tells me he has a gig lined up for May 8th up in the Boston area. More details as I get them!

February 8th, 1999:
I have had the good fortune to get in touch with Kai and his wife last year. They just sent me a demo tape of 3 new songs, which are wonderful!

I would really like to put up a Longdancer page.
If anyone has any information/pictures of Longdancer, please e-mail me! Thank you!

To read a little synopsis on Longdancer go here. This site was formerly Delerium's Psychedelic Archive.

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